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About us


Our company was founded in 2004, and since that it has been working on fashion, ready-designed apparel producing and so on. In 2006, our company set up YiDa Fashion Factory and 22 Degrees Fashion Design Department in Shenzhen China to design, develop and produce its own style of products for clients to purchase, which helped successfully transform the company from ‘Made in China’ to ‘Made in Hong Kong’.


Fashion / Garment Business

Our company has many years of experience on fashion and ready-designed apparel producing. It’s specialized in producing all kinds of high fashion and intricately detailed style. Lots of Hong Kong’s local brands and well-known international brands are all the clients of our company. And the information of styles or others provided by the clients are strictly confidential. We hope to establish long-term cooperative relationships with customers on every level and that our company’s integrity showed from production quality, delivery time and other processes can satisfy all the clients on our products and services.


Fabrics for processing: knit, woven, PVC, genuine leather, fur and so on.

Supporting the Processes: embroidery, printing, beadings, pyrograph, washing, dyeing, hand-painted flowers, embroidery flowers, laser machining, fabric composite, gluing and so on


Since there are too many types of processing and fashion styles to list here, you are welcome to contact us anytime for further information by clicking the following link: click here to link to email , or by sending email to: bun@fashion-yida.com


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